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A Constructional Canine Aggression Treatment:

Using a Negative Reinforcement Shaping Procedure with Dogs in Home and Community Settings

Kellie Sisson Snider, MS


Fearful to friendly (F2F): A Constructional Fear Treatment for Domestic Cats Using a Negative Reinforcement Shaping Procedure in a Home Setting

Angela Drake Rentfro, MS

Morgan Katz Bio

Constructional Fear Treatment for Dogs in Shelters

Morgan Katz, MS

Chase Owens

A Constructional Approach to Establishing and Maintaining Calm Canine Behavior

Chase Jonathan Owens, MS

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Turning Fierce Dogs Friendly: Using Constructional Aggression Treatment to Rehabilitate Aggressive and Reactive Dogs

Kellie Sisson Snider, MS

A Shaping Procedure for Introducing Horses to Clipping

Alison Hardaway, MS

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Equines Do Not Live for Grass Alone: 

Teaching Equines with Social Interaction

Maasa Nishimuta, MS

Training Petting Zoo Sheep to Act Like Petting Zoo Sheep:

An Empirical Evaluation of Response-Independent Schedules

and Shaping with Negative Reinforcement

Eduardo J. Fernandez PhD

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